Friday, June 27, 2008

French Corruption

Virgin's Branson says 'French minister asked him for bribe'

Branson told Capital that "I took the affair to the highest authorities.

"I was advised to not to make it public and to wait until the next ministerial reshuffle.
A few months later, I won my case,"

Back to the Future

In France, the leader of the Revolutionary Communist League is leading the polls.

Will France fall for a workers dictatorship?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Europe Was Going Too Far

A paper I totally agree with at vox.

Decide what Europe should be all about

Rather than forcing more political integration down the throats of Europeans, European leaders should stop for a second and decide what Europe should be all about. We think it should be about deep economic integration and the coordination of policies with clearly identifiable cross-national externalities. Nothing more, nothing less.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Europe? What for?

For the pro european there is no question as what is Europe for. Europe is a necessity, it should exist. It solve all the problem war, stability, growth. It's great! Look at Ireland it was a bunch of poor rag now it's a dynamic country thanks to Europe!

Whoo stop I say. Are you sure about all that? What does Europe mean? Where is it going? What is the success of Ireland due to - I would guess instution change and low taxes -.

Europe has been promoted by the pro European has the inevitable sense of history, no wonder people are skeptical. They don't even know where it's going, they don't know if they want to go there.

I personnaly don't think that a political Europe is possible, even desirable, there are too many differences between countries. Anyway it's probably time to propose clear project to the people not technocratic mumbo jumbo.