Friday, August 5, 2011

Kodak Porta 800

I finished a roll of Portra 800 last month, see the couple of picture it looks great. But I think the lab screwed up the development as the film had a green shift clearly visible in the print, and worst in the lab scan.

According to kodak this new emulsion should work the same way as the old portra. So I think that crappy snaps are to blame there. It's very likely that the chemicals were old or at the wrong temperature...

I had to correct the green quite a lot in silver fast...

So much for trying local labs. Will go by mail now or to the local kodak shop that is apparently pretty good.

Currently running on Portra 400.

PS: beside the colour shift, they thought it was B&W film ... so did the scan and prints in B&W the first time. The color print are not as bad as the scan, probably due to the color correction of the printer.
My scan were also full a digits print... latex gloves are probably too expensive.