Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Film is back

The last 5 pictures have all been taken on a used Nikon F100, lens 50 mm f/1.4 and Film Sensia 100 or 400 133/36.

Film is getting back to the front it seems so I gave it a try. Not expensive 200 quid for the second best 35mm SLR and 2 to 5 quid per film.

The only problem in the uk is that there is no real cheap and quality option for a process and scan, specially for slid film that need to be process as E6, thanks to the economics of price discrimination even if the scanning of a slide is easier than a print film it will cost you more ...

Anyway for a try I send 2 rolls I did for St Patrick's Day in Dublin to peak-imaging. The slide looks great on a light box but the print were a bit disapointing ...

So I bought a scanner Plustek and scan them myself, once it's scan you have the equivalent of a digital picture except that the raw - the film - containes much more information than the one from a digital camera.

As shooting with film has more constraints it's also focus you more on the fundamental, why are you taken that picture, what's interesting... you have to make an effort to visualize, no immediate snapshot gratification. As such it is a complementary exercise to the digital.

Monday, March 30, 2009

H&W Queens Road

H&W Queens Road, originally uploaded by ar271.

My First Picture taken on film

View from Gravity bar - Guinness Factory

View from Gravity bar, originally uploaded by ar271.

Inside the Guinness Factory

Guinness Factory - entry, originally uploaded by ar271.

Meath Street

Meath Street, originally uploaded by ar271.

Lovely pint of Guinness

Pint of Guinness, originally uploaded by ar271.

It was actually better than at the Guinness Factory ...