Monday, March 12, 2007

The Pitbull did not call back

Follow-up to my adventure with my internet provider.

Still no news from the lame customer service. I sent an email today :

Ok I phoned last tuesday, and after much shooting somebody eventually understood that
even if you can provide service to where I'm leaving I can't place an order on the
web site. So they told me that they can place an order manually. Now I'd like to know
if there is actually an order in your system, because since last tuesday I've got no new. And don't tell me to wait I'm no mood and will cancel every thing and go with BT. I still got no internet and it's been more than 3 weeks that I started trying to move my subscription. So do you have a subsription for


my old bdolXXXXXXX

If you don't have a subscription in your system or if I did not get contacted before the end of the week I'll cancel my subscription and go with another provider.

a tired customer.


PS: cut the bullshit, It tooks me 3 f***** weeks to possibly place an order, and all you had to do is apparently place it manually. no I don't know if it's actually in your system. All I want is a connection. Your customer service is still crap. I'll have no regrets going to another provider.

Hope I'm gonna have some news.

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