Saturday, May 5, 2007

The commuter

Commuting by train has its code. You wait at the same place because you know the door stops there, so you can enter first and grab a position that will maximize your confort during your journey. One of the most wanted positions is the 'button manager' one. You don't have to move all the time when people go up and down the train, you've got enough space to breath and sometimes to read a book !! But this position is challenging, you are in charge of pressing the button to open the door, that's what garanties your privilege. You should not take this role too easy, if you're too eager to press the button people will know you can't cope with pressure, but if you're too slow and the next time they'll make sure your sacked from this strategic position.

What makes a good button manager ? You must know the journey, so you can prepare yourself for the next arrival, is the correct platform on your side? otherwise you'd look stupid preparing your self for the wrong side. You must learn the timing of the train, the position it takes every day and most important- watch the light. You don't want to look like the amateur that presses the button before the light is on. It's an art and people are depending on your skills. If you don't feel like it one day, it would probably be at your honour to refuse this position. If you're good enough, after months of hard work you will gain the respect of your 'commates', and this day, the day you achieve the mastering of the door opening, they will look at you with envy!!!


Vonric said...

Well, it's not that easy to achieve... for example, how many time did I complain about the fact that I was waiting on the platfrom, eager to get on the next train as the two before where too packed (I don't like to be like sardines ;-) )... just to see that the trains stopped a few meters on the left or the right from the previous, so I am not the first in line anymore, but the last to queue £$%^&**( !!!!!

Dx said...

And here was I thinking that it was just a free-for-all. Hadn't a clue that some commuters actually planned what they were doing doing. I'll watch out for the signs next time.

Good blog. Try one of these two:

French Fry said...


hard to deal with this normal distribution :)

thanks for the comment ! and yes most commuters in London got their tricks. It's harder in the tube but even there after a while you've got your marks.

Nice blogs, are they related ?