Thursday, June 7, 2007

The harmful western aid to Africa

"For God's Sake, Please Stop the Aid!"

The Kenyan economics expert James Shikwati, 35, says that aid to Africa does more harm than good. The avid proponent of globalization spoke with SPIEGEL about the disastrous effects of Western development policy in Africa, corrupt rulers, and the tendency to overstate the AIDS problem.

Spiegel interview with African economics expert


Oliv said...

I find this interview VERY interesting. Now I wonder if this argument is going to lead anywhere. It's good to have one person say this, but Africa needs more outspoken people like him to start making a difference...

French Fry said...


W. Easterly in The white man's burden has the same kind of view.
P Wolfowitz was trying to promote a more consistent approach to corruption, we can see how he was thanked.

But, the G8 is gonna give 60 billion to help this poor coutries stay poor, it's all good for the aid business.