Friday, September 14, 2007

London House Prices Fall Most in Three Years, Rightmove Says

The average asking price for a home in London declined 2.5 percent to 384,439 pounds ($774,000) from August, according to Britain's biggest real-estate Web site. The reading is taken from a survey conducted from Aug. 12 to Sept. 8.

Via Bloomberg

The RighMove House Price Index September 2007


Vonric said...

Maybe something relating to stories like that (this one is too recent thus to explaine the move but the trend is no surprise):

French Fry said...

yes it's all related. After years of low interest, and low risk premium this is the correction.
Nothing unexpected there.
Just a return to the fundemental - rental yield all over the USA, and Europe. France is falling for the second month.

French Fry said...

at an annual rate that woud be a staggering 27%

Vonric said...

I immediatly thought about you:

French Fry said...

Hey hey

Nice catch... on another bbc article

"Across England, the cost of renting was generally up to 30% cheaper than a mortgage on the same property."