Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The dirty war

Despite hundreds of millions of pounds spent each year on UK drug enforcement activity, the commissioners argue there is "remarkably little evidence of its effectiveness".

Drug markets, they conclude, are "extremely resilient" and all the criminal justice activity has had "little street-level impact".

Indeed they go further, warning that law enforcement efforts can have a significant negative impact.

The war on drugs


Vonric said...

No surprise.
And surely we could say exactly the same about the Labour's laws against terrorism ? Did they manage to prevent more terrorism ? No evidence, but that's par of the feel good factor, you see, the government is taking care of you...

French Fry said...

For drugs there also a large puratanism dimension and paternism dimension.

How can we think that putting consumer in prison is a good idea? Would we send alcoholic in prison?