Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The shamful Credit Services

About a week ago I received a letter from a Wescot Credit Services explaining that there was a electricity bill of 3000 quid not paid for and that by looking at the credit check database they found that it's listed as one of the address I was living. True I did rent a room at the address listed, I phoned and explain that I was living there for specified period of time and paid a rent all inclusive. That bill had nothing to do with.

But today I received another letter saying that I needed to pay the amount. I phoned their servic and found that incredebly now I had an account at British Gas for that address and owned the money. They nicely ask if I gonna pay, I obviously say certainly not. They were obviously not collaborating and I got pretty annoyed so they hang up. I phoned again this afternoon after calming down and ask for when this bill was. The unpaid bill is for a period that is more than 1 year after I left the property.

I said that, but know they ask me to prove that inform British Gas that i wsa leaving the property, otherwise I would be liable !!!! they were keeping repeating the same thing. I just justified for having closed an account that I never had, and that I should have closed before it went into the unpaid period !!!!

F****g S******S !!

Just parasite jumping on the first fellow, and you have to prove that you are more than innoncent !!!

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