Wednesday, July 18, 2007

2 years of vinegar crisps

I remember when I was a young teenager; my cousin did a trip to England. When he came back he talks about all the English delicacies: jelly, vinegar on chips and crisps. A long time ago… Now I'm 29 and today I've been living for 2 years in London.

2 years later, a lot of beers, wine, shots. Probably over the 1092 annual -21 weekly- recommended limit. I’m in London...

So I arrive the 18 of July 2005, 11 days after the 7/7 and 3 days before 21/7. I was renting a small room in Cricklewood, North London. Not really a nice place. I spent august in the internet coffee next door looking for a job. August was desperately quiet. 2 interviews that went nowhere - one because I was French and there was too many French there ... I was starting to despair, my money was melting like an ice cube in a microwave. Then came the first week of September, I spent it in interviews. At the end of the week I had a job beside St James Park. What a relief!

With a job everything is easier, you meet a lot of new people, you can go out more - you've got money and a bank account -. That's when I start enjoying London, discovering the real craziness of this place.

The main event milestone
- First job September 2005
- In January 2006 pulled Girlfriend
- In February 2006 I moved to Brixton, in a nice flat with a roof terrace. Was great, close to work with loads of shop around.
- In July 2006 I started a new Job. With a great increase in salary. Could not refuse, was then working in Farringdon.
- In February 2007 I moved to Herne Hill with Girl Friend.
- In July 2007, I'm starting next week in Canary Wharf at a big investment banking company.

In numbers - from the July 2005 to the 20th of July -
2 years
3 Jobs
+78% increase of my gross salary from my first job here
+150% increase of my net salary after all taxes from my last job in France
3 flats
too much alcohol
15% House Price Inflation in the UK
4.53% Real House Price Inflation in the UK
+10Kg of weight
1 Girlfriend
1 trip in ambulance
3 injuries - foot, back, finger -

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Cedric said...

What a story!
Nice career though :)