Thursday, July 5, 2007

- The train is late... It's probably because it's raining.

The service of First Capital Connect has been really poor the last 3 days. I just wrote an email to complain.

"Hello, I just want to complain about the quality of service the last
days - 05/07/2007-. I take the 8.28 from Herne Hill and yesterday I
ended up taking the 8.51 because as the 8.22 was cancelled the 28 and
43 were full !. And this morning the 8.28 was a 4 couches ! how
ridiculous, ended up crunched in the 8.43 ! Not talking about the
signal failures all day 3 days ago.

What is the reason for such bad service? And don't present me your
performance indicator. it has nothing to do with what user
experiences. It give the same weight to peak trains and off peak
trains, and does not consider central London station.

Why is it that southestearn train works fine and yours aren't ?


Probably useless, and I'm expecting a classic bullshit answer. Is there any FCC user group? I'm sure nobody involve in the FCC deal has ever take the train...

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