Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why I'm staying in London

And not returning to Paris.

- It's more open, more tolerant and less conservative than in France.
- The club, bar are places for the people not for an elite.
- The management in companies is better and more relax.
- The state does not steal more than 50% of what I earn - even if it's still far too much -
- The cultural scene is far more dynamic - probably because it's not finance by the state, or not that much -
- The accommodation are good quality and very diversify from a house with garden to a penthouse with view over the Thames
- The disable integration, it does not exist in France.
- obviously the salary but it's mainly due to taxes difference - the bad named charge patronal -
- the common transport, really well integrated to Greater London

What I'm annoyed by
- the hygienist movement
- the local councils which use recycling as an excuse to reduce their expense, they are not responding to the need of the population just promoting at best some ideology
- Ken the red, gonna have to vote for Boris ... great
- The common transport, really expensive and relatively unreliable

It's obviously not exhaustive. But I can't see my self going back to Paris... Maybe another country, but it's quite an hassle to do that.

Disclaimer :
I obvously avoid any personnal matter, just so that the matter in question does not get offended

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